SWRO Sea-water Reverse Osmosis desalination systems

Desalination... down-under
  • Ship desalination, coastal on-shore plants, & ocean platform systems available
  • Industry-leading energy efficient technology cuts your electricity costs 60%
  • Innovative Australian business with 10 year's experience
  • 2-in-1 redundancy ensures continuous water supply
  • 24/7 PLC automation, safety & diagnosis
  • Fast worldwide service & support

Custom built just for you...

When P&O Cruises decided to replace an evaporator on MV Pacific Sun, they wanted a reliable, energy efficient solution. They turned to H2AU.

In an internationally competitive context, we carefully listened to their exact needs. Then we designed & built their ideal desalination plant, all in just a few months prior to the installation deadline.

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SWRO Sea-water Reverse Osmosis desalination.
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IceQube thermal desalinator

Fabricated in rugged marine-grade materials, this compact package plant is a miniature version of traditional large-scale thermal multi-stage flash (MSF) desalination plants. H2AU custom-designed & built IceQube for an environmental remediation project in Antarctica.

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