• We know RO.

    We're reverse osmosis specialists. Here to help, with innovative ideas, expert advice and experienced support to solve your water challenge. Any time, Australia-wide.

    For everything reverse osmosis, from rental RO plants to antiscalants.

    Everything reverse osmosis

    Our fleet of rental RO plants are ready to go, for any application. We also custom design and fabricate, right here in Australia.


    We supply and support RO technologies and consumables from the world's best brands in pumps, membranes and antiscalants.


    Get your RO plant running at optimal.

    Expect more from your plant

    Improve plant performance, efficiency and reliability. We'll review, analyse and recommend a strategy to optimise your plant.


    To stay on track, we can train, support and remotely monitor. Need to upgrade, update or automate? We do that, too.


    From mining and CSG water treatment, to seawater desalination.

    Know-how, for any application

    We're dedicated to reverse osmosis; it's our 100% focus.


    Count on our expertise for municipal, industrial, mining and CSG water treatment, brackish and seawater desalination, particulate and chemical pre-treatment, and high-recovery brine concentration.






  • What we do.

    Here to help, for everything RO.

    Flexible RO plant rentals

    Our rental RO plants are engineered to handle any application, from brackish water treatment to seawater desalination and brine concentration.


    Containerised, modular, and ready for rapid deployment. We designed our fleet for ease of use, reliability, and flexibility for short or long-term requirements.


    See our range of rental RO plants >

    Plant & site optimisation

    Tune your RO plant to its best. We conduct comprehensive, detailed reviews of site water balance and RO plant operation. We work closely with specialised water analysis and membrane autopsy labs to understand complex fouling situations and root cause.


    With comprehensive feed, membrane, energy and cost modelling we'll help you make changes to pre-treatment, chemical dosing and plant configuration to maximise performance and extend membrane life.

    Feed-water ch​emical analysis

    Using powerful modelling software we perform thermodynamic aqueous equilibrium analysis to understand your exact feed-water chemistry speciation and accurately simulate plant operation.


    We then develop and recommend strategies for effective pre-treatment, chemical dosing, antiscalant and cleaning to maximise plant performance and stability.

    Cost-effective consumables

    We source globally and supply plants across Australia with high-quality, cost-effective RO consumables. With careful technical consideration of your application, we'll help identify cost-savings and select the right filters, chemicals, antiscalants and membranes for reliable performance.

    Remote monitoring, 24/7

    Improve reliability and reduce downtime with performance monitoring and trend analysis enabling preventive maintenance.


    We're here to provide remote monitoring, data inference and 24/7 diagnostic support to advise operators in making the right decisions to keep your plant on target.

    Hands-on support & training

    Think of us as your on-demand support partner, always ready and on-site at a moment's notice.


    We provide local, personalised technical support, hands-on training, commissioning, operation and maintenance services. Our aim is to ensure your operators have the skills and confidence to run your RO plant safely, efficiently and reliably.

    Custom design & fabrication

    With years of design expertise and local Australian fabrication facilities, our experienced team are committed to custom engineering of the highest quality.


    We deliver timely and competitive customised equipment, from turnkey SWRO and BWRO desalination plants, to application-specific modular skids for UF pre-treatment, chemical dosing and nanofiltration.

    Upgrade, update or retrofit

    Upgrade, reconfigure or retrofit to increase capacity, extend operating range or improve efficiency.


    We design, install and commission capacity upgrades, train reconfigurations and plant modifications, including custom HDPE electrofusion and duplex stainless steel pipework fabrication. We also integrate pre- and post-treatment equipment and leading energy recovery technologies.

    Smart automation solutions

    Imagine process control which simplifies operation, dynamically adapts and self-diagnoses to keep your RO plant running consistently under variable conditions.


    Drawing on years of real-world operating experience we can integrate clever automation and intuitive HMI like you've never seen before.

  • Brands & partners.

    We work with the world's best in RO.

    We recommend ROPUR antiscalants and Toray membranes.

    ROPUR RPI Antiscalants

    Get a customised antiscalant and cleaning strategy to improve plant stability and extend membrane life. We stock high-performance specialty antiscalants from ROPUR, a Toray Membrane Europe brand.


    We supply and recommend Toray RO and UF membranes and provide advanced, detailed modelling in Toray DS2 software.

    We're application specialists and service partners for Danfoss APP and iSave.

    Danfoss APP, PAH and iSave

    For compact efficiency, quality and reliability, nothing compares to Danfoss axial piston high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices.


    We're Danfoss RO application specialists and factory-trained service partners for the APP, PAH, PAHT and CLP pump range, iSave ERDs, absolute-rated pre-filters and accessories.

    We supply leading RO brands, equipment and technologies.

    Pre-treatment and much more

    We source quality, cost-effective RO equipment and consumables. Ask us about Shelco filtration media and housings, Eaton extended-life bag filters, Hayward and Forsta pre-filters and strainers. We install Grundfos digital dosing, Tomoe actuated valves, Adroit HDPE electrofusion piping, and a range of instrumentation solutions.


    We collaborate globally with those at the forefront of technologies such as selective ion-floatation for transition metal removal and brine crystallisation for ZLD.

  • Let's talk reverse osmosis.

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    Sydney based, we serve clients Australia-wide, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.



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    About H2AU

    We're an Australian team of reverse osmosis specialists. Working with the world's best RO brands, innovative technologies, and design backed by science, we understand and solve the water treatment challenges faced by our clients.


    Since 1996 we've been working locally and globally, with diverse experience in applications from small-scale to the most complex; even at some of Australia's largest desalination plants.


    We stand for deep expertise, technical excellence, quality, and responsive service.