Energy consumption reduced more than 60%

Here's how the latest technology makes SWRO desalination affordable

We don't design conventional sea-water reverse osmosis plants. We use the world's best technology to create the most energy efficient plants available.

Only a few years ago, thermal desalination was preferred over SWRO because of energy costs. But groundbreaking new technology has cut the cost of SWRO by over 60%, making it the most efficient & economical option.

The PX pressure exchanger recycles high pressure energy that is wasted in conventional SWRO plants. The PX system takes pressure energy from reject brine, transfers it to incoming filtered sea-water, then the low pressure brine is rejected.

One third of filtered feed water is fed to high pressure pumps, while two thirds is diverted to the PX system. So,

  • 1/3 of energy requirement is electrical (high pressure pumps)
  • 2/3 of energy is recovered & recycled (PX system)

With PX energy recovery, we only use 1/3 of the electrical energy required by conventional SWRO plants. For example, where a traditional 450 tonne per day plant would use over 300 amps, our equivalent would only use around 100 amps!

This equates to less than 3.4 kWh/tonne (cubic metre or kL) of fresh water produced, compared to over 10 kWh/tonne required by conventional plants. That's an energy saving of 6.6 kWh/tonne.

Savings? Assuming US$0.15/kWh for electricity, the cost reduction is US$1 per tonne of fresh water produced. So on a plant producing 450,000 litres per day, the savings could be...

  • US$450 each day
  • US$13,700 each month
  • US$164,000 each year!

Your daily capacity?

50 kL
100 kL
200 kL
500 kL
1 ML
5 ML
10 ML

Possible energy savings each year!


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PX Energy recovery technology makes SWRO desalination affordable.

Technology has cut the cost of SWRO by over 60%, for efficient & economical desalination.


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